About Us

We are a sports medicine focusing brand. We manufacture a wide range of products that help athletes in the prior preparation and subsequent recovery after physical activities. We are also part of the Telic Group who is presented in more than 80 countries and has been manufacturing and selling hospital equipment and cosmetic products directed at health, wellness and sports for more than 30 years.


OXD是一個專注運動醫學的品牌。我們廣泛製造協助運動員在運動前後作準備和恢復的產品。 我們也是Telic集團的成員,在80多個國家和地區,製造和銷售主要針對健康,運動,醫療設備和化妝相關的產品超過30年。


We are proud of what we do. At OXD, we take quality assurance and product safety seriously. Our products are manufactured in accordance to the ISO 13485 and ISO 22716 Standards. We only use premium quality raw material together with the technical knowledge of our team, we can ensure that our products are safe with the highest level of quality for the consumer.


我們為我們的工作感到驕傲。 在OXD,我們嚴格對待質量檢測和產品安全。 所有產品按照 ISO 13485和 ISO 22716的國際標準製造。團隊的專業知識配合使用高品質的原材料,保證為消費者提供安全且最高質素的產品。


In the Asia Pacific region (excluding Australia), MAPLEZ RACING SPORTS (also known as MAPLEZ) is the sole official distributor for all OXD products. We are a leading long track, short track, and inline speed skating brand who design and manufacture innovative products for athletes worldwide.


在亞太區(不包括澳大利亞),MAPLEZ RACING SPORTS(亦被稱為MAPLEZ)是 OXD所有產品的唯一官方分銷商。 同時,MAPLEZ也是大道速滑,短道速滑和速度輪滑界的領先品牌,致力為全球運動員設計和製造創新的產品。