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Young man stretching on the beach

The concept of 'Cooling Down'

A cool down routine allows for the safe and gradual return of heart rate, respiration rate, and core body temperature back to pre-exercise levels. After running or exercise, it is the best time to stretch your warmed muscles as a cool down.
Active Recovery tips

Active Recovery tips

Do you still feel muscle soreness even 24 to 72 hours after the run? It may due to the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), it is an inflammatory response due to the microtrauma within your muscles during exercise.
Warming up and the myth of stretching

Warming up and the myth of stretching

What you normally do before running or exercise? Yes, that’s warm-up! To do some stretching you learnt since primary school, like pulling your heel towards the bottom, or bend over your trunk to reach the ground. However, do you really feel your body warmed up after a bout of stretch? 

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